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March 04, 2010

We are all set for....


The TAITRA Press Conference! Where the world can see the latest innovative and stylish products from Taiwan!



Mio Moov V780 at big screen!


Thanks for the TAITRA Press Conference, and Mio Moov V780 will see you tomorrow in Mio's Press Conference and will demo the products in CeBIT 2010 from 4-6 March. See you then!

Mio Press Conference

Information Center (IC), IF conference room (1st floor)

Date: Thursday, 4th March, 2010

Time: 11:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.

Mio Product Demo Room

Hall 17, Stand B11 (Business Center), meeting room 8

Date: 4th – 6th March, 2010

Time: 9:00 a.m. – 6:00 p.m.

For more photos, please go to Mio Facebook - GO!

For more product and press info, please go to Mio CeBIT 2010 website HERE 

March 03, 2010

CeBIT, we are coming!


On the way to Germany..


Mio Moov V780 on the train.. 



Let's watch a film to kill time.. 


Mio Moov V780 in the showcase~ ready to see the world!


To see the complete photos please come to Mio Facebook!

Mio CeBIT 2010 photos 

March 02, 2010

The whole world is talking about Mio Moov V780, which will be released on CeBIT 2010:

The Future of GPS? Mio GPS Adds DTV

PC Magazine - Troy Dreier - 3 hours ago

The market for stand-alone GPS devices may be eroding, but that only means navigation companies need to work harder to create the next ...

Mio Device to Get WiMax and Multimedia Support

PC World - 9 hours ago

Mio has equipped its latest navigation device, the Moov V780, with a 7-inch touchscreen, support for HD playback and the option to integrate support for ...

Mio to debut 7-inch Moov V780 MID at CeBIT; features 720p HD playback, WiMAX ...

ZDNet (blog) - Rachel King - 14 hours ago

Mio is gearing up to wow the crowds at the CeBIT trade show in Germany this week with their Moov V780 mobile Internet device with a number top-notch specs ...

Mio Moov V780 Tablet Breaks Cover [7" Moov V780 Touchscreen Tablet Brings GPS ...

TFTS (blog) - 1 hour ago

Not really into the iPad or the stylish Notion Ink Adam, then there's a plethora of tech companies coming up with slate-style tablets. ...

All The Latest Cell Phone, Gadget and Tech News - 6 hours ago

Mio is company known for its GPS devices, and they have just announced the Moov V780 at CeBIT. The Moov V7890 is apparently made for navigation, ...

Mio's Nav Device is WiMAX Enabled

Going WiMax - 7 hours ago

Mio's latest navigation device will have HD playback support along with integrated WiMAX support. The Moov V780 will be Windows CE based and connects to an ...

Mio Moov V780 Tablet

Geeky gadgets - Roland Hutchinson - 11 hours ago

Mio, who make satellite navigation systems has launched a new tablet device, the Mio Moov V780 Tablet. The Mio Moov V780 features built in GPS navigation ...


Mio is preparing MID-device Moov V780

IT Chuiko (blog) - 6 hours ago

A well-known manufacturer of compact GPS-navigators company Mio Technology announced its new MID (Mobile Internet Device)-a device called Moov V780, ...

Mio Moov V780 PND blurs lines with MID/UMPC features

SlashGear (blog) - Chris Davies - 11 hours ago

It's tough going being a standalone PND manufacturer these days: you can either refine your GPS devices to ...

Mio enters tablet arena with Moov V780

Electronista (blog) - 12 hours ago

Mio today helped kick off CeBIT by launching an unusual crossover device. The Moov V780 offers the customary GPS navigation but carries a 7-inch, ...

Go and see the hot Mio Moov V780 NOW!

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